Sponge Wipes | Premium | Pack of 3 | Magic Cleen

Product Description – 

  • Single swipe clean for a wreck-free kitchen.
  • The cellulose-based Kitchen wipe cleans any chaos in a solitary swipe.
  • Ingests water multiple times its very own weight.
  • Don’t abandon any watermarks while swiping.
  • Totally build-up-free and 100% scratch-free cleaning.
  • Wash under running water before use.
  • Winding up hard post drying is a property of cellulose – if it’s not too much trouble wash submerged to recapture unique shape and property.


Features and Usage – 

  • Kitchen Wipes wipes Without Scratches. 
  • Biodegradable & Environment Wipes Friendly. 
  • Diamond structure for super absorbency. 
  • High durability. 


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