How Microfiber Cloth become the most important purchase of the household?

In the wake of the pandemic, ever parent, that endured the fear of an unforeseen virus, ensured the safety of their homes. The lockdown prevailed for many months and almost all members of the family tried to safeguard their homes with excessive cleaning.

One particular section that got the most attention was doorknobs and handles. On a regular day, a doorknobs’ only function is to give access. In times of Coronavirus, doorknob and handles got a lot of attention as they are touched by almost everyone.

Let’s take an example, a food delivery person goes to the bank, he accesses the doorknob to enter the bank. The delivery person enters your building again by accessing a doorknob. When you leave your building for your daily business, you touch the same doorknob which was touched a few minutes back by the food delivery person.

Now even if it wasn’t you who hasn’t ordered any food, are prone to infection as you have just touched the doorknobs which were touched by someone else who may or may not be infected, but has come in close contact with someone who had been infected.

An innocent doorknob now becomes the hotspot for the collection of hand bacteria.

One way to protect yourself and your family is by washing your hands regularly or by using a sanitiser.

However, the virus stays on metal for a couple of hours. And it is best to clean doorknobs with a microfiber cloth.

The microfiber cloth is built with superior quality absorbents that help fight bacteria by cleaning it right off the doorknobs and handles.

While the people of the world anxiously await the arrival of the vaccines, the world over people have adapted to the policy of protection is better than cure.

We may not always have control over who enters our vicinity but we can always ensure the wellbeing and safety of our loved ones by keeping doorknobs and handles clean.

Magic cleen microfiber cloth is an eco-friendly product made of pure cotton and can be disposed of easily. 

The surface of windows, doors, tables, chairs, cars can be cleaned easily with the microfiber cloth which has the capability of cleaning surfaces that can hold infectious bacteria hidden from the naked eye.

Magic cleen microfiber cloth can be purchased from Amazon or Flipkart. And it is a hundred per cent homegrown made in India product with an assurance on quality.

World over, the cleaning industry has seen massive purchases by domestic and commercial users.

As if everyone was at war in making sure their surroundings were safe for themselves and their loved ones.

Public spaces that are gradually opening up are also extremely sensitive to surfaces like doorknobs and handles that can hold the threat of the virus.

That is why we at Convertex India Pvt Ltd have seen a rise in the purchase of our microfiber cloths.

It is time for a new normal, a safer world that will be more conscious of its environment.

And microfiber cloths will just be a safekeeping partner in this journey of a healthier and safer planet.