Green Scrub Pads | Smash | 4 x 6 | 12 Pieces | Magic Cleen

Product Description – 

  • Polyester Green Scrub Pads have a wonderful presence because of the use of attractive fabric patterns and colors and satisfying results.
  • The product is suitable for kitchen utensils cleaning, bathroom, glasses, and other corners of the home.
  • With all such attractive presence and results Green Scrub Pads has water resistance property as well that doesn’t allow the fungus to settle down on it.
  • Multiple Sizes are available.


Features and Usages – 

  • The Magic Cleen Green Scrub Pads is the best method to eliminate obstinate checks and stains without the need for synthetic substances.
  • It wipes out practically any imprints on any hard surface in a moment.
  • Just wet the wipe and press, at that point rub delicately on the imprints and watch them vanish.


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